RockX enables developers to access data from the Cronos network and send transactions without having to host and manage a node themselves. Our access node is public and any user with the URL is able to send API requests to the Cronos blockchain.

The free* version offers:

  • 300,000 requests per month or

  • 100,000 requests per day

*Note: For this version, there are no archive calls or additional API requests

We do offer various paid subscription plans (with higher rate limits, archive calls and custom requirements), please send your requirements to [email protected] if needed.

To use the free version, please follow the steps below:

Open the terminal utility on your computer:

  1. Command Prompt for Windows users

  2. Terminal for Mac users

Ensure your computer has internet access.

Copy the cURL command from RockX website and paste it in Terminal.

Hit “return” (Mac) or “enter” (Windows) to get results and you are connected to the Cronos network via API.

Refer to Cronos Integration Documentation for the list of JSON-RPC methods.

For other interactions with the Cronos network, change “eth_blockNumber” to other methods eg. “eth_sendTransaction”, “eth_getBlockByHash” and supply the parameters when necessary.

Once you are connected to the Cronos network, you can start developing your dApp with the programming language of your choice.

Users are able to query transactions from recent blocks.

The code below shows an example of querying transactions from block 0x265054.

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